Welcome to my personal website.
I'm a Web Designer, Trivia Buff, Parody Song Writer, Collector of Stuff.
Stay a while, won't you? Say that you might?


I started designing websites in the mid-1990s.
If you've never heard of Geocities, you're much younger than me!

My first project was the fan site, Thuy Trang Tribute, to give thanks.
I just had to revamp it before I met Jason David Frank.

I once refreshed the design of My Toronto Scoop blog.
If you're dining in The Six, check out Rosie's reviews and pics.
It's since been redesigned by TMDS.

I've launched a money-saving & rewards-earning blog: moneyties.ca
Be rewarded for doing the things you already do today.

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I loved Jeopardy! and auditioned when Trebek had a moustache.
I get my fix now with HQ Trivia & Words and Tellie to win cash!

HQ Trivia has you answering a series of multiple-choice questions. Make it to the end, and you'll split the cash pot, my friend!

HQ Words is like Wheel of Fortune meets Hangman. Correctly solve 12 word puzzles to split one-grand!

Tellie has a variety of games inspired from roulette, Family Feud, and Pictionary. These games require a bit more luck and intuition than is customary!

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My Artwork

Art and math were my favourite subjects in school. I utilized both disciplines in my pencil crayon artwork. I've also dabbled in digital art. Which do you prefer?
(Sorted in reverse chronological order.)


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