Elements Catering (Mar 2010)

I enrolled in a "Cooking for Health" night course at Dr. G.W. Williams S.S. in the fall of 2009. It focused on health, nutrition, and cooking with ingredients that were sensitive to people with food allergies. The course was taught by a professional cook, Tamara Coleman, who was such a warm and agreeable person. I worked with Tamara in designing a business card for her new side business, Elements Catering.

The original request was for a design that was very classy and simple. With that in mind, I wanted to keep the cards clean and elegant, where the food item would be the focus against a predominantly white background. Tamara provided me with some fonts she liked. After trying a few variations, we settled on the general elements of the design. I presented her with mock-ups, and after a few alterations with the company name and taglines, we were set. Approximate time spent on the project was 10 hours.

Elements Catering