I've always had a passion for art. When I was very young, I had lots of fun with my crayons and colouring books. I made very careful to colour between the lines. I eventually graduated to pencil crayons, which remain a specialty of mine.

In high school, I took my share of art courses. In fact, I had aspirations of becoming a computer animator. But I had failed to maintain a portfolio of my work -- most were kept by teachers or given as gifts -- so I was unable to apply to any art schools. Still, I like to revisit this hobby of mine when time and inspiration allow for it.

I'm not terribly imaginative when it comes to my creations; I refer to myself as a human scanner. I'm pretty good at replicating things, but ask me to sketch something from my head and I'll end up drawing a blank.

Here is my latest creation for the upcoming relaunch of the Thuy Trang Tribute fan site.
Thuy Trang artThuy Trang original photo

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