Pink Dye - I'm Not Undead cd cover

Back in April of 2006, Blizzard held a CD cover contest, based on the World of Warcraft (WoW) online game, where the objective was to design a music album themed after WoW. Although I wasn't a huge fan of Pink, I knew her latest CD would make for good source material to parody. Sadly, I didn't place, but I think it deserves some recognition.

Below are my contest entry and original CD cover, respectively. Note that the song listing, to the right of the official cover, spans Pink's entire discography and are not the songs necessarily on her I'm Not Dead album; they correspond to the songs on my parody list above it.

Pink Dye: I'm Not Undead cd cover

Pink: I'm Not Dead cd cover
  1. Stupid Girls
  2. Get the Party Started
  3. Just Like a Pill
  4. There You Go
  5. Trouble
  6. You Make Me Sick
  7. Don't Let Me Get Me
  8. God is a DJ